You want to make a nice meeting on the internet, for a serious story? For this, the most important is to choose your dating site. There are hundreds but only a handful will be really effective. These will allow you to find singles who like you, want to ask and would like to build a lasting story with the right person. To guide you in your choice, we have established a comparison of the best serious dating sites of the moment.

Discover the strengths of each, choose the one that suits you most and follow our advice and recommendations to make the meeting that will change your life as soon as possible.

Best serious dating site: our comparison 2019

The best serious dating sites will be different depending on your profile and your expectations. Some are dedicated to singles in general, others will offer specific services to a specific slice of singles. But the 3 serious dating sites of this comparison have one thing in common: their quality! As you will see, they really make it possible to get in touch with people as motivated as you to find love!

# 1 Omegle, the most serious generalist platform to find love

Omegle ( is certainly the most famous meeting place online, thanks to its longevity but especially to the excellent results that it allows to obtain. It's a safe bet that in your environment, you have at least one couple who met thanks to the services offered by this platform. Trusting the number one place for dating sites, Omegle has more than 15 years of know-how and nearly 400 new stories every day. What to predict the best if you want to find the right partner.

As explained in detail in our comprehensive test, Omegle excels in connecting single people of all ages. It is mainly aimed at a user group between 25 and 45 years old, but you can meet younger members and some older.

The serious dating site Omegle put on a consequent number of users which makes that you will never be alone on the site. It may seem trivial, but know that there are dating sites ... empty for many hours of the day or night! A shame, for platforms that sell dating!

We also appreciate the many features available to singles: classic chats and messaging are functional, and the organization of events in everyday life is a more fantastic. This is the perfect opportunity to go from virtual to real with a drink, a fun activity or an outing in nature.

In addition, its 100% free registration and its unbeatable rates thanks to promo codes plays in its favor. For just 5 euros per month, you can enjoy all the experience of the best general meeting site to make a maximum of meetings.

If you really want to meet the person who will accompany you in life, do not wait!

# 2 FriendFinder, the perfect serious dating site

If Omegle is the expert of the serious general meeting, FriendFinder is his special adult counterpart. This site does not come from anywhere, since it is simply the special version for Omegle's over 50s! The site takes all the know-how and experience gained by its elder to apply to the meeting for singles a little older.

It should be known that the number of adult singles is constantly changing. Whether due to widowhood, a divorce or a late separation, a desire for change or simply an extended celibacy, many French people find themselves alone after 50 years. And those who want to meet new people do not necessarily have a great choice! In this perspective, a dating site as serious as FriendFinder is a breath of fresh air.

It has been tested and our opinion is very positive since the platform is doing very well for what it was designed: to connect serious members, who wish to rebuild their lives.

With great respect from most users, honest singles and involved in conversations and a real desire to find the right person, FriendFinder seduces quickly. We love the well presented profiles and the Carrousel function, in which we propose you members according to your tastes. A pretty effective way to save time without having to go through dozens of pages.

FriendFinder has a 100% free subscription, but you must subscribe to enjoy all its features later. Check out its rates on this page.

If you like to meet singles your age, serious and interesting, and ready to move (especially at events organized by the site!) To give a chance to love, then Let's Talk Tomorrow will certainly be the best platform!

# 3 FriendFinder-X, for singles with the highest expectations

On FriendFinder-X, it's the cream of the single you will find. This means that the members registered here are beautiful, competent, qualified and enjoy a social success that is no longer to prove. If you place a high value on these criteria and you are in the same social status, then finding love on FriendFinder-X will be obvious to you.

This casual dating site is distinguished by a sort that leaves room for profiles of singles of high quality. This makes it possible to avoid the illiterate or the uncomfortable singles that one sometimes crosses on certain platforms. Here, upscale! Launched in 2013, the site is now very popular and offers a wide choice of partners.

As explained in the article that we devote to him, FriendFinder-X chose to bet on the meeting by affinities. You will start with a personality test consisting of nearly 300 questions that will define the single you are. This saves a lot of time later! Indeed, the site will determine which members are most in agreement with your profile and it will suggest them. Every day, new heads will be presented to you which allows you to have a wide choice without wasting time sorting.

Then, place to exchanges, often perennial and relevant between singles who know what they are looking for here. When we know that we can use this site for free and make a number of meetings, we think it would be a shame to miss such a platform.

Serious dating site: the criteria of choice

As you have seen in this comparison, each platform among the best have specificities that destine them to certain slices of singles: undecided or more open will go on Omegle, the adults will privilege FriendFinder when the most ambitious in Love will certainly decide to use the services of FriendFinder-X.

However, to choose well, it is important to understand what makes a good serious dating site. The best dating site for you will not necessarily be the same as for your neighbor, but the following criteria are valid for most platforms. Here is what allows us to choose the most qualitative sites.


What would a dating site be without an active community at all times? Of course, there are peaks of attendance (the morning before 8am and the evening after 21h) but it is important that users are always connected so that you can discuss with potential appointments whenever you want.

The sites presented here have been active long enough to have a vibrant community that is constantly renewing itself. Even if you do not find your happiness in the first days, you will have the opportunity to see a lot of new profiles every day. In addition, the most demanding will appreciate the diversity of profiles present here and the possibilities of filtering members through physical or moral criteria.

The quality of the members

The quality of the members is reflected on the profiles. You will see these well filled, completed with relevant information, beautiful photos, and original descriptions.

In addition, it is much more pleasant to chat with members who are courteous and educated during message exchanges than with some clumsy people who are often found on less serious dating sites.

To achieve this, moderation is important and the 3 dating sites presented here place great importance on this parameter.

The results

Making a serious encounter will only be possible if the chosen site offers concrete results. In our tests, we insist on the response rate because it is crucial. It is always more pleasant to have answers to his sent messages rather than a scary silence.

In addition, if after the discussions, you do not have an appointment, it could reflect a lack of involvement of singles site. We love serious dating platforms on which members are really involved in their quest for love.


Of course, to succeed in getting in touch easily with a single person on a site of serious meetings, it is necessary that the platform gives you the means.

If the classic chat or messaging systems are still present, we also appreciate the more original features like the Carousel of Disons Tomorrow, the events organized in real by Omegle, the system of meeting affinities set up by FriendFinder-X, and all innovations that facilitate linking between different users.

The rates

The price of a dating site will of course determine your choice. The rates of the sites presented here are relatively affordable, but more interestingly, it is the possibilities of free use of these platforms. As much to take a test and see if the site meets your expectations.

Alternatives to the best serious dating site?

In this comparison, we presented you the best dating sites but know that there are some interesting alternatives to make love dating, sometimes even a little more futile.

We think in particular of Tinder ( and his opportunities for quick meetings. Much more futile and much less serious than the sites we are talking about here, the Tinder application is still a nice alternative passenger, especially for those under 30 years.

Other sites like Edarling, Parship or Attractive World are interesting if you have done the 3 presented in our comparison.

In any case, we now know that people are using more and more dating sites to find their life partner. So, it becomes almost clear that if you are looking to redo your life, or just find your soul mate, choosing the best dating site will be a good idea.

Make a serious meeting: what does it involve?

Depending on your age, registering on a dating site between singles and making a serious encounter will have a different purpose. For the thirty-something single, those who frequent the most Omegle for example, this consists of looking for the partner with whom they will want to build a future. The physical will be important, of course, but the discussions will often revolve around the themes of marriage, children, a future career or the idea of ​​life to 2.

For a person over 50, the situation is different. Often, life has already given them children and careers and the couple's perspectives will focus on common interests, the desire to travel, the different ways to have a good time together. More posed, the adults that we meet on FriendFinder know what they expect from a partner.

Before you embark on the adventure of this quest for love on an online dating site, be aware of what you are looking for, you will gain a lot of time and above all, you will find much easier. Here are some tips that will make your life easier on these serious dating platforms!

Tips for making the most of a serious dating site

To find love on a serious dating site, there are rules to follow. Here's what we think is most important to using these quality platforms in the best way and finding a partner that suits you.

Have impeccable profile

Your profile is your business card on a site. Thanks to him, you will obtain results and receive messages, which means that it must be filled correctly. We give you valuable tips for writing your Omegle profile description to put the odds on your side.

Ditto for FriendFinder, a site on which users place great importance on the quality of your presentation page. Do not neglect it! And if you need some recommendations!

Learn to flirt

Mastering the conversation on a dating site is not necessarily something innate among users. And that's normal! We are not in classic drag here and we must learn to seduce via these platforms.

Dragging on Omegle asks to follow some specific rules that are stated in this article. And if you use a adult site like FriendFinder, the seduction will require some tact, and there will be some mistakes not to do not to pass for a heavy or malicious profile.

Relevant catchphrases to start the conversation

For those who are out of inspiration at the time of writing the first message, we also have some tips that will help you pass this course. The catchphrase is crucial for the future, so practice and work on your style. To approach a user of Omegle, try to start the conversation by following our advice. On Let's Talk Tomorrow, the stakes are different and the catchphrases should be too. A bit of originality never hurts, as we explain!

The best serious dating site, to find the love of your life!

It's up to you to choose the best dating site, the one that you like best or that suits you. Do not hesitate to test the platforms that we advise you to get a precise idea of ​​the qualities of each, then once ready, start!

You just have to fill out your profile in the best way and start browsing those of other singles. You could be very surprised at the speed with which we can meet on the best sites of its kind.

On our side, we wish you to meet someone who will change your life as soon as possible!