Are you looking for great love? We offer you a selection of the best dating apps to download on your mobile. With these software available on your smartphone, you will undoubtedly find your half.

I) The best known dating apps: Tinder

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Tinder is the mobile dating app that has undoubtedly popularized the concept of online dating. Launched in 2012, the software born in the United States has introduced several features such as "Swipe" to continue or not with people selected according to your own criteria. Depending on the age, your criteria and your personal tastes, profiles are chosen to suit you. It only remains to make your own choice based on profiles that seem most suitable for you. With the help of a pretty decent profile picture it is possible to meet a person and why not drink a last drink at home.

Features of the Tinder application:

    A very wide range of profiles selected according to your criteria
    The ability to chat very quickly with your matches
    Full use in the free version

II) The most "feminist" dating apps: Bazoocam

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If a dating app can be feminist, Bazoocam on the merit of leaving the decision-making power to women. For their part, men have to answer a series of questions that are sometimes a little off the mark. Depending on your answers, it will be the ladies who will make their choice in a pure logic of online shopping. The only possible action for men is to send "charms" of sorts of poke, for the sole purpose of getting noticed. In terms of pricing policy, Adopt a guy performs reverse discrimination. Women have free access to the application while men have to pay some money to have a profile on the software.

Features of the application Bazoocam:

    Moderation on the part of developers
    A lot of female audience so a wide range
    A much easier interaction between people

III) The most hazardous dating apps: JeContacte

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The romantic encounter has become a cliché worn to the marrow in the cinema. Yet the application JeContacte seeks to play on this principle to seduce the most romantic of you. The principle is as simple as it is scary. With the location of your smartphone, you will have a list of people registered on the software and who are in the same situation as you. Going from all profiles, JeContacte throws them into a bouquet without distinction. The main problem is that if a particularly heavy person approaches you, there is a risk of finding it on the mobile application.

Features of the JeContacte application:

    The ability to block someone in case of harassment
    Total protection of your location
    Management of false profiles

IV) The most masculine dating apps: Grindr

Official Website: Grindr

From the outset the word "male" is probably not the most approved term by the LGBT community. The best symbol in this area is the Grindr app, which is entirely dedicated to gay dating. It is a mobile application that has liberated the lyrics and helped emancipate different homosexual communities. With Grindr, you are entitled to an application that uses the Tindr codes in the consultation of the profiles that are available to you. Of course, the software is completely free to download and only premium features are paid. Whether on the web version or on your smartphone, it is always possible to manage your personal life.

The tops of the Grindr app:

     An exclusive app to the Gay community
    Grindr does not push to pay
    Many interesting features

V) Adult Personals dating apps: DoubleList

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Adultery is also becoming a business. The mobile application DoubleList currency very strongly the will to deceive on the part of its users. Founded in 2017, it is about connecting two people looking for an extra-marital relationship, without having any judgment, it's very similar to the threesomes dating app 3nder ( DoubleList has been the headlines for the incessant attacks by Catholic groups. As with most dating applications, the software offers the possibility to consult the different profiles according to your tastes. To attract a maximum audience, DoubleList ensures a totally secure site with 100% verified profiles.