Seeking Arrangement

On Seeking Arrangement ( which already has more than 2.7 million users (including 7,000 French), there are men, mostly in the forties or fifties who are wealthy and we call the "sugar daddies". The Urban Dictionary site describes the Sugar Daddy as "a man who offers money in exchange for sex". On the other side, there are women, often young and female students, called "sugar babies". Men get services from them in return for a monthly salary.

At first glance, Seeking Arrangement looks like any dating site. It invites Internet users to register and to be maintained by a "benefactor", a "mentor" who will help them finance their studies and will avoid them to take out a mortgage loan.



Our team has been convinced by the efficiency of DoubleList ( and its convenient and secure navigation. Nothing has come to hinder our research and the moderators really make sure to maintain a meeting place safe and devoid of crooks. Upon registration, we are dealing with serious announcements and real women who respond to us as soon as possible. It was therefore possible for us to organize ass plans from the first week, which is very encouraging! It will also be the case for you by registering on this site, so do not hesitate and put on line your advert on DoubleList to be certain to optimize your chances to conclude.

Lifestyle Swing

Swingers and swingers come in all sizes, shapes and genders on SwingLifestyle ( The majority are couples in their late twenties or early fifties. Most are couples looking to push their sex lives to another level. The lifestyle most couples look very ordinary and do not wear signs to show their nocturnal activities. In fact, it is not really possible to recognize a person swinger unless it is your partner. Couples often go to swingers clubs and come across their neighbors next door!



The free chat Bazoocam ( that we offer voluntarily resumes the philosophy and codes of the debut of the web debut: public chat rooms, private messages, theme shows, list of connected, generation of smileys ... everything is there! Do you remember the acronyms ASV and other abbreviations of chaotic slang of the time? Whether you have known this period or not, the free chat will immerse you in this universe conducive to exchanges and long discussions! The 56k modem noise so special in less;)

Notice to fervent chatters on Bazoocam: since the latter is completely free and open to all (free chat without registration verified), it offers great opportunities for chats of all kinds! Some chatters come to chat around different topics, relax, spend their time, play (chat quiz, chat play / rp role), etc. while others favor dating and webcams (chat meeting and chat with webcam).


When it comes to getting Tinder ( meetings quickly, it's really interesting to filter the profiles of the women you are chatting with by quickly pointing out the idea of ​​your first date with them.

Pointing the date allows to filter the girls who are there only for a serious relationship and who are afraid to meet a guy quickly. By and large those who want to know everything about you before meeting you.

Personally I do not like to discuss by message, I prefer 100 times the meetings in real than the virtual meetings.